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Expedition Vilcabamba Espiritupampa
8 Days 7 Nights

Duration: 8 Days
Departures: 5:00 am
Level: High
Service: In group.
Frequency: All Year – Except December, January, February and March
Reserves: We recommend booking the Expedition Tour at least 4 Months in advance, because the entrances for this trail are gone quickly.


DAY 1: Cusco - Chaullay - Wankakalli

We will pick you up from your hotel and travel to Wankakalli by private bus, passing through Ollantaytambo and the Malaga mountain pass (4,200 meters/13,780 feet above sea level) and then entering the Huyro and Maranura valleys. After passing through Chaullay, we will arrive at Wankakalli in the afternoon and make camp for the night.


DAY 2: Wankakalli - Vitcus - Ņusta Hispa´anan -Qollpaq'asa

On Day 2, we will begin our journey, trekking to the archaeological center of Rosaspata / Vitcos. From Wankakalli, we will have an excellent view of the snow-covered peaks of Pumasillo, and as we trek around the perimeter of Wankakalli, we will visit the Ņusta Hisp'anan stone. In both places we will enjoy an awesome panoramic view of the countryside. Later, we will move on to the Qollpaq'asa campsite.


DAY 3: Qollpaq'asa - Ututo

On Day 3, we will hike to the small village of Maukachaka and continue on to the pass of Pampaconas. We will then hike down into Ututo, where we will camp for the night and also have the opportunity to do a little fishing.


DAY 4: Ututo - Vista Alegre

We will have a downhill hike on Day 4, and after only an hour we will begin to see the changes as the climate turns warmer and we move into Peru's cloud forest. Here, we can enjoy the Pampaconas River as we eat lunch on the riverbank. After a brief rest, we will continue hiking until we arrive at Vista Alegre ("Happy View") where we will make camp.


DAY 5: Vista Alegre - Concevidayoc

After breakfast we will hike into the Vilcabamba Valley, where will enjoy the increasingly tropical weather. We will arrive at Q'asa Cross, a favorite place of adventure and nature lovers, where we will see the region's abundance of flora and fauna - for example the Rupicola Peruviana (Cock-of-the-Rock). We will hike onward to Tunkimayu and then Concebidayoc, where we will make camp for the night.


DAY 6: Concebidayoc - Espiritu Pampa - Chontabamba

We will hike to the east, toward the Pampaconas River and on to Espiritu Pampa. The topography is amazing here, and it is the perfect vantage point to see how the plateau is formed between the Pampaconas River, Chomtabamba, and the base of the mountain. Here, we will visit the Espiritu Pampa archaeological group, including a number of Incan agricultural terraces, as well as the famous Rumichaca Bridge - an ancient stone bridge. After a guided visit, we will continue to the Chotabamba campsite.


DAY 7: Chontabamba - Chiwankiri

Day 7 will be our last day of trekking. The climate will be beautiful - tropical and warm. Here, in the valley of Espiritu Pampas, we will enjoy the various spectacles of flora and fauna and make camp at Chiwankiri for the night.


DAY 8: Chiwankiri - Kiteni - Cusco

Our journey on the last day of the trek is by private bus through the city of Kiteni, back through the Malaga Valley, and passing through Amparaes and Calca. Finally we will arrive in Cusco around 10:00 p.m.


The Service Includes:

  • Transportation in and out: Cusco - Wankakalli / Chiwankiri- Cusco (private bus)
  • Guide: Professional English and Spanish speaking guide; 2 guides for groups over 9 people .
  • Cook: In charge of meal preparation
  • Horsemen and horses: Carry tents, cooking equipment and also carry backpacks, sleeping bags and mattresses (Max. 15 kilos/ 33 lbs per person)
  • Emergency Horse: Just in case someone needs help
  • Meals: 7 Breakfasts/8 Lunches/7 Dinners/Snacks and afternoon tea
  • Equipment: Tents ( 2 people in each 3-person-capacity ), Therm-a-rest sleeping pad, dinner tent, special biodegradable bathroom tent, kitchen tent, shower tent, tables and chairs, table settings, first aid kit, including emergency oxygen bottle

Doesn't Includes:

  • Breakfast: 1st day.
  • Dinner: 8ht day
  • Sleeping bag
  • Walking poles
  • Tips


  • Sleeping Bag (- 10 Cē): $ 30
  • Extra Mule (15 Kilos): $ 80
  • Walking Stick: $ 15
  • Personal Tent: $ 60

Recommended Items To Bring:

  • Oficial papers: Original passport.
  • Sleeping Gear: Sleeping bag (You can rent it in our office if you don't have one).
  • Clothing: Fleece pants or tights. // Mid weight thermal underwear tops and bottom, synthetic or wool. // Hiking pants. // Hiking shorts. // Long-sleeve shirts. // T-shirts. // Underwear and casual socks. // Hiking socks. // Liner socks, synthetic. // Swimminsuit. //Cap. // Fleece hat.
  • Footwear: Sturdy hiking boots, waterproof, lightweight, broken-in, aggressive tread. // Camp shoes such as tennis shoes or sandals or other comfortable footwear to use in our campsites.
  • Travel Accessories: Bottle of water or Camelback. // Flashlight. // 6 roll of toilet paper. // Sunglasses and retainer // strap. // Sun block and lip balm. // Toiletry kit. // Small Washcloth. // Personal first-aid kit. // Hand sanitizer gel. // Insect repellent. // Several Ziploc plastic bags.
  • Extra: Money for drinks // tips and souvenirs.


briefing one day prior to departure at the agency.

Cost per person:

Ask about our prices.

Prices per person 2012 - 2013

We offer discount of a group of the passengers, the larger the group the lower the price per person.

Please contac us, specifying:

  • Trekking program.
  • Number of people in the trek.
  • Departure date.
  • Requested train service: Backpacker (Tourist train) or Vistadome (Superior).

Available discounts (these discounts are not cumulative):

Students: US$ 65.00 (students require a valid International Student Identity Card. Please note that Youth Travel Cards are not valid)

Teenagers: US$ 65.00 (up to 15 years of age, passport copy required for all bookings)